Celebrating Our Diversity The Canadian Way

Chai With Molly celebrates the Diversity of Canada with a commitment to respect and appreciate the variety of personalities and characteristics that make people distinct. We seek to create an environment that encourages and honors individual and collaborative achievement, weaving a tapestry of multiculturalism in the process, that defines the identity of Canadians and makes them admired amoung all other nations.

Some of these characteristics that defines us as a great nation include the acceptance of: gender, age, culture, education level, economic & marital status, physical & intellectual ability, language, shape, size, race & ethnicity, political association and religious beliefs.

Also, as individuals, we all possess diverse backgrounds, perspectives, skills, talents, life styles, experiences and cultures which make us unique and valued by our creator. Diversity seeks to encourage and support the exercising of these abilities in all people so that they may reach their full potential and become all they were destined to be.

We invite and welcome all peoples, tribes, nations, and tongues to participate in this vision of creating a world that works for everyone with no one left out. It is indeed an immense challenge, perhaps as great as ending world hunger, but we are persuaded that this is a foundational mandate of the heart of Canada's multicultural composition, and we will endeavor to see it accomplished in our lifetime.

Canada is crying out for more translators, not just to be able to understand each others' languages, but also for those who have the initiative, courage and resources to unite our nation to a greater cause. What could be the outcome of such vision? Through inclusion and collaboration, the talents and skills of like-minded individuals could be leveraged to produce extraordinary results, such as restoring the economy, replenishing the environment, discovering alternative energy sources & inventions, and indeed improving the quality of life for all.

We cannot rely upon those in positions of influence and power (who's agendas are often self-motivated), to improve the conditions and issues affecting all Canadians, so we must create our own environment of artistic, technical and socio-political influence that is for the benefit of the people.

In a world where we are all connected by various technologies, we have only begun to harness the beauty of discovering our uniquenesses with the rest of mankind.

Chai With Molly is a platform to launch this voice and mission of uniting Canadians to: be more, do more and as a result have more of what embracing the value of others' differences and abilities can achieve, to create a future of wonder and richness that generations before us had only dreamed of.