A single mom from Ottawa with a fatal disease can now live, thanks to an anonymous donor. #StephanieHeadley

Molly July 17, 2014 0

An Ottawa woman with a fatal disease can now live and be with her family, thanks to an anonymous donor. He stopped by her house to deliver a $128,000 bank draft. Stephanie Headley was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease characterized by the thickening of skin and eventual failure of organs.

Her family started to raise money online in May and had reached $13,000 in donations. Since the disease began progressing she had no choice but to start the procedure without waiting to reach their fundraising goal.

Then appeared a man who wanted to remain anonymous with an envelope.

She is now scheduled to begin treatments on Sept. 22.

If you too would like to help Stephanie Headley, please follow the link and click.   Donate

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