About Molly Banerjei

Molly Banerjei

Molly Banerjei is a Canadian T.V. talk show host, a T.V. Producer, a Real Estate Broker and a ‘socially conscious citizen’. She is best known for her very popular talk show, “Chai With Molly” seen every Saturday across Ontario at 11 a.m. on Rogers channel 129, Bell 583 and Bell Fibe 1235 reaching 5.6 million households

What makes Molly outstanding as a T.V. host is that she is very comfortable in her own skin. Her confident and self-assured mannerism exudes a refreshing style that is hard to miss. Her easy demeanour makes her guests feel comfortable in her presence. She is genuinely interested in people. Molly has her own unique point of view and she is not afraid to express it. Her acquired art of ‘active listening’ enables her to hear what her guests are really saying. These exceptional qualities work collectively in producing interviews that are both interesting and authentic.

Molly is grateful for her East Indian heritage. The richness of Indian culture where diversity has been a way of life for thousands of years has instilled in her the importance of tolerance, open-mindedness and acceptance.
Molly is a Canadian, by choice since 1987. She is a champion of “Canadian Values.” Her mission is to promote the unique brand of ‘Canadian Multiculturalism’ through ‘Chai With Molly’, Canada’s leading diversity TV. Each episode on this show is carefully crafted to celebrate Canadian inclusive diversity based on trust and mutual respect. Her most remarkable achievement has been to ‘link’ people from all ethnicities and backgrounds together as Canadians.

She is actively engaged in the community. She is an international speaker. Molly has a passion for inclusive diversity, women’s and youth issues. She has spoken at several national and international conferences. She has been honored to have been a speaker at the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, several times. diversity1

Molly speaks four languages, fluently. She has the ability to understand and work with people from different cultures, effortlessly.
Molly serves on the international board of Organization for Diaspora Initiatives (ODI) as the vice president.ODI

Member of:
• Canadian Ethnic Media Association
• Indo Canadian Chamber of Commerce
• Community Police Liaison Committee 42 Division (


For her efforts to promote ‘peace and harmony’, she was awarded the coveted prize by the Temple of Understanding a UN-based Organization in 2010. Among other such recipients was Rev Desmond Tutu.
• Community service award by the government of Canada for organizing a ‘Benefit Concert’ for the hurricane Katrina victims in 2005
• Community service award by Toronto Real Estate Board 2005
• Community service award by the government of Canada for organizing a crime prevention conference 2014

Molly’s favorite quote is: “I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” PM John Diefenbaker

She resides in Toronto with her loving husband. She is a proud Canadian and loves Canada and everything Canadian….hmmm … ok almost everything.



“Chai with Molly T.V Show”

Chai With Molly is a weekly talk show where we celebrate diversity, the Canadian way.

Canada is truly the most diverse nation on planet earth. People from all over the world have immigrated to our great country with dreams of making Canada their new home. What makes our great nation the envy of the whole world is our unique brand of ‘Multiculturalism’, one that is based on mutual respect and celebration of our diverse cultures.

With each show we strive to:

  • Help new Canadians integrate faster into our inimitable Canadian culture.
  • Hold those in authority, accountable for all Canadians.
  • Tackle tough socio- political issues.
  • Highlight the contributions of people of diverse backgrounds to Canada.
  • Celebrate Canada and its rich heritage.


Chai With Molly is a loud voice with a mission to motivate all Canadians to be more and to do more simply because we can.

We remain undeterred in our resolve to inspire, engage and inform all Canadians so that our great nation can continue to be the beacon of light for the whole world.


What our viewers say about Chai With Molly show

I watch your show on a regular basis. In fact, I record the show on my PVR in case I miss it. Keep up the good work, always interesting topics which are informative and helpful.

Angela Dean

Chai with Molly is my favourite show. I look forward to watching it every Saturday. I have learnt so much about Canada and Canadian way of life. Thank you making things simple so that we as new Canadians can understand.

Joe Martin


I want to Congratulate you for your show “ChaiwithMolly”. I was very impressed. What can I say you were terrific.

My brother Carl and sister Cheryl and the rest at the table saw the show and send you their best wishes.

Rod D’Croix


I enjoy watching your show because I see people from all diverse communities. It is a true reflection of Canada. Chai With Molly is a shining example of what people want to see… diversity…inclusiveness…

M Sabarwal.


My favourite part of the show is the Real Estate segment…..

Thomas Martin

Thank you for having No Casino Toronto on your programme. Neither Peggy nor myself are experienced in television interviews.  Your lovely manner put us at ease and allowed us to express ourselves confidently.  Your insightful questions helped us put our message across in an effective and coherent manner.  Your show brings important issues to people. Congratulations and thank you for the invitation to appear on your show.

Maureen Lynett