Cultural Equality In Toronto

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Cultural Equality In Toronto

As the old cultural equality adage goes, if we bleed, is our blood not all the same colour? In its most basic common denominator. On the whole we all have the same outlook, to love and be loved, to marry, have children and provide for our families, no matter the location or nationality. Can it really be that simple? Perhaps it can. Realizing what we have in common is a whole-istic approach to the world and humanity – celebrating our differences and acknowledging how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts instead of “demanding” them is a synergistic approach and encourages unity and a sense of community.

Community, and cultural equality are a lost art in our day of narcissism, but is on the rise of a comeback. Innate goodness at the core is a flame still flickering with a little help from our friends and a cup of sugar from our neighbor can and has the potential to ignite into something wonderful. Already as Canadians we tend to readily say sorry, hold the door for the person behind us, say a polite excuse me when we bump into another inadvertently, and calmly and essentially automatically line up for things to keep friendly order and peace.

Courtesy oddly enough goes a long, long way in ethnic equality. If we were all parts of one body and each part, for the sake of our example, is represented as a distinct  ethneticity – we would be happy the hand gets along with the foot and the heart works in conjunction with organs. We’re happy eyeballs are eyeballs and ears are ears and that they all work together. why do we think we’re distinct when we’re so clearly inerrently made to fit together, if we can subscribe to that attitde, for even the body can experience dis-ease when the balance is out of whack. However when it works together its a thing of beauty and power; one need only to watch the olympics to get a visual of this.

Enjoying the variety and creativity of others is paramount and shows up in more areas than just cultural, we’re all unique just by being human, such as personality traits such as being extroverted or introverted, learning styles (visual, auditorial, kinetic), or other traits like analytical, artistic – our “gifting” are as diverse as our culture.

Let’s just enjoy one another in cultural equality, let all be courteous and relish in the various wonderfulness that comes of it, especially the food!

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