Cultural Media

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Cultural Media

Multicultural, or Cultural Media is a form of media designed to preserve and celebrate the various ethnicities of Canada. As one in five Canadians today belong to an ethnic or visual minority (immigrants from non-European countries), the objective is to provide a voice these communities to challenge social injustices such as discrimination, prejudices, and stereotyping. It also promotes cultural pride for minority immigrants to Canada, seeking to overcome feelings of isolation for newcomers.

Cultural media is also a helpful tool in enjoying and exploring each other’s ways, food, interactions music, arts and sciences; fusion cooking for example is a great serendipity of this. Everyone and every culture does something well of which we can lean and glean from.

This inspirational person perhaps said it best. An entrepreneur creating a makeup line for those who had been severely burned was working on a formula that would work for everyone across the board…while contemplating this in a cafe she had her eureka moment … we are all like a cup of coffee, our skin tones simply reflect different amounts of cream. Unless we’re Adam or Eve we’re all a mix of something down the line.

Think of singer Elvis Presley, a southern hillbilly type boy – he himself a mix of Irish, Scottish, French Noman and Cherokee – had major cultural influences and styles in his music, fashion, and yes, dancing (in his own way). Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfry’s heritage is considered to be: Kpelle Ethnic group-now Liberia, sub-Saharan African, Native American & East asian mix. Canadian born world class comedian Russell Peters is of Anglo-Indian, his father being born in Bombay. Peter’s show uses humour to highlight racial, ethnic, cultural and class stereotypes, and pokes fun at each group including his own!

We all have a destiny, we all have the seed of potential to create greatness whether it is an invention or being nice to your fellow mankind, such as the golden rule, it’s different for everyone and can be beautiful when experienced with a sense of community and goodness for mankind.

Everyone wants to live in a great neighborhood for the same unexplainable innate reason, a sense of peace.

This has been the mission of our program. Chai with Molly is very grateful to Rogers Television for creating a platform for Multicultural Media expression in Canada.

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