Globalization Bringing Us Together

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Globalization Bringing Us Together

Not for just big companies anymore, globalization is now a part of our everyday lives, and especially our children’s lives.

Isn’t it amazing that at anytime day or night, week day or weekend, we can know what’s going on in any country anytime anyplace and talk to (almost) anyone! The fact that we may chat with our friend in India far more than we do with our next door neighbor who may be less than 50 feet away, could be an indication of Globalization.

Now with current various online voice and text communication, never mind social media and personal devices such as smart phones and digital tablets we’re only literally seconds away from the information we search. No longer do we have paper telephone books and rolodexes when we can just Google it. With GPS and Google earth, not only can we find our friend’s street half way across the world, with one click we can see their house!

If you want to know how to use almost any personal computer, media device or phone, just ask the closest 6 year old!

The younger generation is constantly in contact, in fact they actually don’t know what it’s like to be “unplugged” from their friends. Homework is no longer done at the library with a study partner leafing through piles of books lugged home from the library, but now done on a digital tablet while in front of the TV all the while texting with their friends.

As a Canadian do you remember back in the 80s when it took 10years to get the latest fashions to come to Canada from the USA, not knowing what was happening in another country outside picking up an actual book called an “Encyclopedia” in actual paper and ink format or by phoning a relative or talking with recent visitor. Now we’re now seemingly light years from records 33 45 & 78s, cassette tapes or now even a CD.

The world has progressed. Technology has seemingly eliminated both proximity and barriers when it comes to communication, information retrieval an interaction. With cell phone and smart phone cameras, there have been some amazing captures such as storms, but also of unjust violence that can now no longer be covered up as it hits the viral airwaves. Single individuals are now having a voice, in blogs, in social justice, it’s a collaborative environment, which makes sense as hours and hours of invisible geeks sat behind computers and brainstormed, realizing the collective whole is greater than its parts and put the goal of a world community ahead of, well everything, for the informational liberty we enjoy today.

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