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Molly May 12, 2015 0

The Ontario government is planning to introduce a revised ‘sex ed’ curriculum starting September 2015. It feels that the current curriculum is not capable of addressing problems faced by children, today.

Ontarians feel their rights as parents have been trampled upon by Premier Kathleen Wynne and Liz Sandals, the Minister of Education. People from all walks of life, faiths and ethnicities have been protesting against this syllabus. They feel it is too explicit and is being introduced way too soon.

Sex Ed in many cultures is intricately connected to cultural norms and religious traditions. Parents are enraged because in this curriculum neither faith nor culture have been factored into. Many parents view this curriculum and the Premiers insistence on going ahead with its implementation as an affront to their parental authority. They are determined not to co parent with Premier Kathleen Wynne. They hosted a public rally to protest at Queens Park. More than 6000 people showed up to convey their

If the government of Ontario is successful in implementing this curriculum, this is what the children will be taught in schools:

• Grade 1: Identify body parts using the correct terminology (penis, vagina, vulva, testicles). Really?
• Grade 2: Introduction of the stages of human development.
• Grade 3: Gender identity and sexual orientation.
• Grade 4: Descriptions of the physical, emotional and social changes that occur during puberty.
• Grade 5: Study of the reproductive system, sexual intercourse, menstruation, spermatogenesis.
• Grade 6: Discussion on masturbation, gender stereotypes, gender identity.
• Grade 7: The concept of consent is introduced along with the risks of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy.
• Grade 8: Contraception and decisions about sexual activity are introduced. Study of gender identity and sexual orientation.

This curriculum makes several wrong assumptions. It assumes:
1) Parents don’t know how to educate their children.
2) Children WILL engage in sexual activities. Therefore it is the responsibility of the government to protect them.
3) Parents who oppose this curriculum are homophobic or misinformed.

None of the above is true. Parents have been teaching their kids for thousands of years. In many cultures, pre marital sex is unacceptable. People remain celibate until the their wedding day, by choice. Lastly, the parents who are opposing the implementation of the sex ed curriculum are not homophobic. They just know what is best for their children.

What Premier Kathleen Wynne and Liz Sandals, the Minister of Education have failed to understand is that many parents have immigrated to this great country for the sake of their children’s education. Parents want the role of educators to be limited to academic learning, only. They want to be the ones who teach their children about sex education through the lens of their own culture and religion. In a democracy, they have a right to do so.

Watch a Feisty Discussion Regarding Sex Ed Curriculum on Chai With Molly TV.

*In a healthy democracy people have a right to disagree. We encourage everyone to engage in a vigorous debate on this topic but remain civil and respectful of opposing points of view.

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